Michigan vacations offer diverse year-round activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, river rafting, skiing, snowmobiling, and more. There is a wide array of great lodging choices throughout Michigan, from national hotel chains to lakeside fishing lodges.

Holiday Inn Ludington
Ludington, MI (866) 493-5171

Chippeny Creek Lodge
Overlooking The Whitefish River & Minutes From Little Bay De Noc
Ishpeming, MI  (906) 486-6333

Portage Point Inn
On The Shores Of Portage Lake & Minutes From Lake Michigan
Onekama, MI (800) 878-7248

What Makes a Good Lodging?

In the event that you find our suggestions to be not the optimal choice for your situation or that you find them fully booked, you can easily find other lodgings in Michigan. There are hundreds of places to choose from, but how do you choose a good lodging? We’re giving you some tips and tricks to help you do that so that you can dedicate your time, effort and energy in enjoying what Michigan has to offer instead of wasting your time trying to find a good lodging place.

Atmosphere and Environment

So, what makes a good lodging? One of the first things you will notice upon visiting a potential lodging place is its environment. A good lodging has a clean and tidy environment. It has a welcoming atmosphere and you should easily feel at home. That’s the point of a lodging – it aims to be your temporary home while you are visiting Michigan. It shouldn’t make you feel alienated. If you feel comfortable about the atmosphere and environment of a lodging, then it is highly likely a good place.


Next is the service. You’d want an good customer service. The receptionist should greet you with a warm welcome (though I’m sure 99% of them will do this unless they really hate their job). People who will guide and assist you should be attentive and intuitive like they already know what you want the first time you met. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should just let them do all the guessing. What we mean here is that they truly care about their customers that they already know what their common requests and needs are so they can make an educated guess about what you want for your lodging.


Then, of course, you’d want a lodging that has all of the things you need: a comfortable bed, comfortable pillow, enough room space, security and privacy, WiFi, entertainment stuff such as pools, good bars, and restaurants or dining place, etc. These are subjective, however, so make sure you find a lodging that has everything you need and want, though these are easy to find. What really matters is the management and staff of your chosen lodging.


This can be hard to get perfect especially if you just started looking for lodging once you arrive. So, make sure you find a lodging before heading out to Michigan if you plan to stay here for a while. It is important that you book a lodging in a convenient location close to the areas where you plan to do your recreational activities and visits. Doing so will save you travel time and travel expenses which are best used to maximize your visit instead.

Overall, a good lodging includes a wonderful location, atmosphere, and customer service. You can easily find an excellent lodging by visiting online review sites such as TripAdvisor to make it easier for you to find the one that’s best suited to your needs and preference. By doing a research about this, you are essentially saving yourself a headache and the time and effort if you were to land in a subpar lodging.

If you need help choosing a lodging, you can contact us.