Camping in Michigan is a fantastic outdoor experience for the entire family. Great Campgrounds exist throughout Michigan and there are plenty of sites for setting up tents, pop-ups and great resort style campgrounds with RV parking in many campgrounds. Michigan Camping trips for family vacations are very affordable, even on a modest budget a family can have a fantastic camping vacation and experience the wonders of the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, boating, canoes, kayaks, swimming, these outdoor recreation activities abound at most Michigan Campgrounds.

Lake Huron Campground
Our 395 campsites include 46 lakefront sites along with 25 real log cabins
Port Sanilac, MI (866) 360-2267

Waffle Farm Campgrounds
Located on a chain of 7 beautiful lakes with lakefront lots
Coldwater, MI (517) 278-4315

What Makes a Good Campground?

There are so many campgrounds to choose from in Michigan, but if you are new to this activity, then you might want to know what makes a good campground. Why is that? You’ll know once you read our brief tips and suggestions.

Has Adequate Privacy

Yes, we know, a campground means you are outside along with other campers, so why care? You’d want someone peeking on you while changing clothes? Do you want someone eavesdropping on your conversations? Of course not! Although camping means you’d be outside, along with other campers (especially if your campsite is very popular), you still want to have adequate privacy.

In order to do that, find a campground that’s huge and a little bit heavily forested. A huge campground means that you can set up your tent far enough from others and the trees add additional “cover”.

Has a Decent Shade

When choosing a campsite, make sure you are pitching your tent in a place where there’s decent shade, especially morning shade. If you want to sleep tight for a little bit later into the day, you’ll find it unpleasant to have the sun blast you with its brilliant and blazing light once it heads out and greets the morning.

Therefore, choosing a place where you can get a decent amount of morning shade is an important factor in choosing a campground.

Easy to Find and Navigate

Safety is important when camping, so find a site where it’s easy to find and move around. Not doing so can lead to an unpleasant situation such as by getting lost, which could be a terrible problem especially if the night approaches or if there’s a sudden weather disturbance brewing.

Choose a campground that’s adequately lit and has adequate signage to make it easier to find your way around.

Take Note of What’s Around You

Before setting up your tent, it is important to check what’s around you. Check above you and make sure there are no hanging dead branches that could fall anytime. Try to avoid rockslide and avalanche paths. Make sure the area is safe from any sudden collapse or anything.

It is also important to stay away from water’s edge to avoid encountering thirsty animals coming for a drink or pesky bugs as well as sudden floods.

Finally, consider what the impact of your camp will leave if you camp on a site. It’s better if you find a place that looks like it was already camped on rather than pitching your camp in a place that has yet to be found to protect as much of the wilderness as possible.


Finding a nice camping ground is an easy task, but before you settle in, make sure you thoroughly check your surroundings to ensure that you are safe and that the environment remains safe. If you need help finding a campground, don’t hesitate to contact us.